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Traditional marketing techniques:

  • Newspaper,
  • Television,
  • Radio,
  • Magazines,
  • Pamphlets and brochures,
  • Board advertisements and more.

Digital marketing techniques:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.),
  • Websites,
  • Email Marketing,
  • PPC,
  • Affiliate marketing and more.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Comparison of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing :

Customer’s Trust : When someone uses traditional marketing techniques to advertise, people don’t know whether they like their way or service. They only know when they get feedback from each of their viewers. But with digital marketing, you can easily communicate with your customers, understand their needs, and gain their trust.

Audience Target: Digital marketing can reach more audiences than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is limited to local customers and costs double if you want to reach more audiences. On the other hand, the costs of digital marketing are almost the same to reach local and global audiences. Also, digital techniques only help target viewers who are interested in your business. Traditional marketing does not have that element. With the increasing number of people using internet sources, digital marketing can easily reach more viewers in various cities and countries through campaigns.

Cost Comparison:When talking about marketing costs, you have to pay both conditions. With traditional marketing, you pay for advertising in newspapers, magazines, emails, broadcasts, banners, brochures, and more. In this case, you have to pay around ₹ 90000  for marketing purposes. With digital marketing, you pay almost ₹ 12000 for search engines and social media marketing advertisements. Obviously, the cost of marketing with digital methods is very low compared to traditional methods. However, digital marketing requires that you pay digital marketing companies or people who do marketing.

Quick Results: Traditional marketing makes it difficult to communicate with interested customers. But digital marketing provides real time results. Every time a customer wants to buy a product, they can stay in touch and build a customer quickly.

Growth Analysis: Growth analysis is a key element developed by the company. Converting viewers to customers is easier through online media compared to traditional technology, because online sites are more vigilant than traditional technology. You can analyze the growth of the business while marketing online sources, but it’s difficult to check it the old way. With traditional marketing, it’s hard to analyze because you don’t know how many people are watching your ad or are interested in becoming customers.

Now we understand the various elements used for traditional and digital marketing purposes. Therefore, it is clear that digital marketing is more efficient on the internet in this era. Moreover, it helps to convert more customers and profit compared to traditional methods.

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